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We have created a range of training programs and masterminds for our members to learn how to simply sell the intangible and excel in their service business.



Live Event

Do you sell a service, information or your time? Are you looking for more income predictability? The three essentials to intangible selling are the answer you have been searching for. If you want to get with the times, you need to learn the new rules in business! In one day learn and discover how to utilise the internet to have the income consistency and predictability you deserve. Find out how you can easily package, promote and convert the intangible! 


Training Programs

Selling the intangible can prove to be difficult if you are trying to work it out all on your own! Why re-invent the wheel? We have created simple and easy step by step courses with strategies which are tried and tested, which you can follow in the convenience of your own office to achieve the specific outcome you are aiming for. Whether you want to; Master your message, sell more of your services, market yourself online, build and launch your online course, sell via webinars, boost your business mindset or become more productive in your business we have a course to help you. 


Elite Mastermind Club

Implementation: Actually building the income predictability, marketing systems and sales automation that will get you feeling excited about being in business again is easier said than done. This is why ABS runs the Achievement Room to take you through everything required to get you into results driven action. We combine a group of like-minded entrepreneurs in the room to help with marketing, course creation, sales training and success planning with a weekly dash of laser coaching to keep you clear and focused. This is our best kept secret.

Do you believe that you can begin to consistently
and predictably hit and excel your revenue targets?

We do - it’s simple!


ABS specialises in selling the intangible; we help set you free from the OLD and OUTDATED sales and marketing methods which lack merit these days.

Being a forward thinking and passionate entrepreneur who knows that trading time for money isn’t for them is the starting point to creating a business and life with more choice and freedom.

Our Promise: to get you selling more of your services!

Whether you want to:

·       Build a predictable and consistent income

·       Communicate what you do more certainty and confidence

·       Book in more consultations with high paying customers

·       Sell your services and workshops at a premium price

·       Build and launch your own online courses

·       Market yourself online as an authority and build a following

·       Master social media and convert with sales funnels

·       Make online sales through online automation

·       Leverage your time


How do we know?

Been there, done that!

Starting at the age of 21 in her own business, Jessica Savic, founder of the ABS Group, has already succeeded in creating six figure incomes and beyond. 


How do we do this?

We have created a range of training programs and masterminds for our members to learn how to simply sell the intangible and excel in their service business.

Want to know more? Get on our free online class on the three steps to intangible selling. Spots are limited – register here.  


Our guarantee

Try our program and if you feel it isn’t a perfect fit, we'll refund you within 30 days, no questions asked!


✔️  You want to hang with people who walk their talk

✔️  You want to master online marketing and want results

✔️  You want to learn from people who are doing not just teaching

✔️  You want to become confident in selling the intangible

✔️  You want to be positioned as the authority in your market

✔️  You want to create your next six figures quickly