In today’s marketplace, it is often challenging to claim the number one spot in the industry and be considered unique and powerful. Today’s article is going to show you that with the right approach and marketing platforms, your dreams no longer need to be a figment of your imagination, and can in fact be your reality.

Market growth is inevitable, with new and improved products and services landing on a daily basis, the market is always bringing forward the most innovative and passionate businesses.

Australia alone holds 1.7% of the world’s global economy, placing us at number 13. At the moment The United States of America hold 24.6% of the global economy followed by China holding 15.7%. These statistics indicate that Australia isn’t the only country trying to score a place in the market.

It is becoming more achievable for start-up businesses to market themselves in the industry, the following business success stories will show you how.


1.   Kayla Itsines –

Founder of Sweat with Kayla

Kayla entered the market in 2008 where she began her journey as a personal trainer, the more clients she acquired the more she noticed that these individuals were coming to her with the same problems. Kayla was able to harness the gap in the market and formulated a program that saw amazing body transformation results within 12 weeks.

By formulating this program, she was able to broaden her reach whist interacting with her target market via Facebook and Instagram. Since starting her career she has gathered over 6 million followers on Instagram and a whopping 11 million likes on Facebook. She is an influencer who utilises social media to its fullest, with anywhere from 2-5 uploads a day via Instagram, she averages between 10,000 – 50,000 likes per post. In doing this, she not only maintains her online presence but is also encouraging interaction among her followers.

Kayla has managed to push boundaries and truly harness the market with her own fitness app, she has made this accessible to both types of smartphone users. By doing this she has enabled her customers to jump on board with her current and upcoming fitness programs. As of 2016, Kayla Itsines is worth $46 million dollars, and she has achieved this title by perusing the career of her dreams.


2.   Daniel Flynn –

Co-Founder/ Managing Director of Thankyou Group


Daniel is a success story like no other, the Thankyou Group was formed in 2008 where 19-year-old Daniel Flynn jumped at the opportunity to make his change in the world. This year happened to be the year of the World Water Crisis and he was determined to make an impact that could last a life time. The aim of the Thankyou Group was to create products with 100% of profits going toward the funding of safe and hygienic services around the world. In 2013 the company made that dream a reality with the release of over 40 products available to the public in over 5,000 outlets across Australia.

Since the launch of the company, they have accumulated over 260,000 likes on Facebook followed by over 60,000 followers on Instagram. The company built their following based on their passion to make a change in the world. They were not selfish, and made it their mission to educate and raise awareness of the severity of the World Water Crisis. Not only did they harness the ability to utilise online marketing to their advantage but they were also able to get their products onto the mainstream supermarket shelves.

As of 2015 the Thankyou Group’s Charitable Trust outlined that the company have the ability to bring in a total revenue of up to $500,000 a year. This is incredible work accomplished by people looking to make a change in the world.


3.   Marie Forleo


Marie Forleo is known for her presence in the service based marketing industry providing online marketing based programs for clients. Marie’s aim is to help build a life that you love whether that be starting out in a new business, or making a change in your personal life. Marie’s first program was titled B –School, it was an 8-week program that taught her clients the smartest and most effective online marketing strategies for business owners. Ideally she targeted business owners with the desire to increase not only their sales but also their online presence.


To date Marie Forleo has truly harnessed the online market by holding over 480,000 likes on Facebook following with over 230,000 Instagram followers. She was able to appeal to her market by harnessing the need for social media and utilising the reach Facebook and Instagram was able to provide. As of 2017 it is estimated that Marie Forleo has a net worth of approximately $4.5 million, she was able to build her business from the ground up and truly made a difference for business owners around the world.


Let’s Get Going!

At first looking to expand or grow your business can be intimidating but no one ever got anywhere without giving it their all. Here are some tips to take home with you…

1.     Do your research

If you’re finding that your online presence isn’t as strong as you would’ve liked it to be, incorporate a new strategy and conduct some research into where your target market predominately hang out. It may be just as easy for you to target another social media platform to increase your online presence.

2.     Target other markets

You may find that you’re targeting one specific market and your business may not be performing as well as you had hoped. Look into the possibility of targeting multiple markets, there may be a market you may not have tapped into yet.

3.     Take chances

As Donald Trump once said “If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big”, and he is actually right in this instance. Don’t limit yourself. Utilise the tools and resources you have around you in order to succeed.