Have you ever found that you’re having to go over the work your employees submit to you? Or are you overloading yourself with so much work that you’re finding it hard to keep your business afloat?

This is often very common when starting your own business, not only are you possibly finding it hard to confide in his staff, but there is also an overwhelming sea of staff who aren’t performing as well as they should be.

Therefore, I chose to address a question regarding successful delegation of tasks including how to implement this into your business. My question came in from Leon, who saw that he was falling behind and this was because he was taking on most of the work in the business.

To answer his question, I came back to a time where I had a client of mine going through something very similar. I helped guide him back to a steady work flow and I knew I could help Leon with his dilemma.

When you find that your team aren’t working to the best of their ability, you may tend to carry the full load, with the intention of reducing the workload and the hopes of it being completed quicker. Remember the common saying “if I don’t do it no one else will”?

Alternatively, you may take on a forward approach and voice your concerns to staff.

If you are someone who has ever been put into a situation like this where your staff have underperformed and you took on the work load as a result, today I want to show you how to approach this so that you can increase productivity levels in your business.


Today’s episode will provide you with the skills and forward thinking that you will need to address this situation in your business.

You, just like Leon, may be asking yourself… “what can I do to get my employees to work with me, rather than against me?”

As Thomas Edison once said, “there is no substitute for hard work”, this phrase can be implied in every business in fact businesses should thrive off this.

If your team aren’t in the right head space with the drive to succeed there is a good chance your business will suffer. You need to be able to take initiative and create a team mentality with a culture to succeed, with all your employees on the same wave length success should not be so out of reach.


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